June 16, 2022


Leaders of CNES

Philippe Baptiste - CNES Chairman and CEO
Lionel Suchet - Chief Operating Officer
Jean-Marc Astorg - Director of strategy
François Alter - Advisor to the President
Jean Aussaguel - Director of accounting
Bernard Chemoul - Inspector general and VP quality
Marie-Anne Clair -  Director of the Guiana Space Centre

Gérald Dupré - Director of procurement and sales
Nicolas Hengy - Chief Financial Officer

Caroline Laurent -  Director of orbital systems and applications
Carine Leveau
- Director of space transportation
Thierry Levoir - Director of security and industrial safety
Laurence Monnoyer-Smith
- Director of sustainable development
Pauline Pannier - Secretary general
Gilles Rabin - Advisor to the President
Marie-Claude Salomé - Director of communications
Liliane Sebas
- Director of human resources
François Sillion
- Director of technology and digital
Philippe Steininger - Military advisor
Pierre Tréfouret - Chief of Staff
Christophe Venet - Director of European and international affairs